About BCC

Barefoot Chamber Concerts presents great music in the right setting.  We are committed to musical excellence, but without the formality of the conventional concert setting.  Most of our concerts will start at 6 p.m. on Fridays, or 6.30 on Thursdays because those times are when people seem to be ready to listen to music.  They are always quite short,  lasting about  60-75 minutes without intermission, or with just brief breaks, again in response to popular demand.  There will be snacks.  You don’t need to come barefoot, but you won’t see many people in tails, either.  People 18 and under are admitted free and welcome as long as they don’t make too much noise.  Tickets are modestly priced, and will stay that way.

Most of our concerts are in Berkeley in the Parish Hall of St. Mark’s Church, and occasionally in the Hillside Community Church in El Cerrito.  The reason is very simple, the acoustics are good.  We present mostly 17th and 18th century chamber music, and these are places the music sounds really good.  We have wine and bread and olives available before, during and after the concerts, and we find the music is the better for this, too.

This season (2014-2015) is our 6th, and for the 2nd year we are presenting some of our  concerts in Petaluma (on the Thursday evening) as well as in Berkeley (on the Friday).   Last season’s “Barefoot North” was very well received, and we hope to continue it in future in the lovely wooden hall of the Petaluma Woman’s Club.

As the name might suggest, we are a simple operation, we’re not subsidized by grants from corporations or government entities, and we don’t have subscribers, so the musicians get the gate minus the cost of the room.  We try to break even on the snacks.  There is no advertising budget.  Somehow, it works.  Occasionally very generous people will give us extra money, or contributions in kind of various sorts.  We’re always grateful for that, and we pass the benefit right on where to it should go, to the musicians.  We are extremely lucky that the Bay Area is home to many wonderful musicians who have been very supportive of Barefoot from the start.  We hope you’ll enjoy the music as much as we do.

Barefoot Chamber Concerts.  Start the weekend right.